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Discovery phone card The Discovery phone card is a refillable Permanent PIN card. Minutes can be added online, by phone, or by using the AutoRefill option. Lucky Minutes phone card Lucky Minutes phone card offers lowest calling rates for domestic calls and to many countries with high quality connections.
Solaris phone card The Solaris is a premium phonecard for calling from the USA and other 100 countries to any destination around the World! It is an excellent choice for home, business or traveling use. Mariachi phone card Mariachi phone card is the ultimate card for calling between the United States and Mexico in either direction!

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Prepaid Internet The Perfect Service for the Go-Anywhere Net User!
PC-to-Phone Use your Internet connection and your computer to call any landline or cell phone. Extremely low rates! No connection fees, no setup fees and no monthly fees!
Prepaid Conference Calls Host or join a conference call from your phone or Internet connection. Bring up to 50 callers together. Worldwide capability when using the Web.
SMS Call
All you need is a cell phone! Available worldwide. Both parties receive incoming calls. Extremely Low Rates!
Send SMS "call <number>" to 32075 (from USA) or +44 7624810647 (from outside USA). <number> is the destination phone number you want to connect.
Prepaid wireless recharge service
AllTel, AT&T-Wireless, Boost Mobile, Cingular, STI Mobile, T-Mobile, TracFone, Verizon-Wireless prepaid cellphone refill cards. Recharge your cell phone 24 hours a day online!
Personal USA Toll-free Number (1-800 number)
USA Toll Free number connected to your phone number of your choice anywhere in the world!
Web Call
Connect any two phone numbers anywhere in the world using simple web interface!

» Great Savings
Our typical customers whose families or friends are overseas, save hundreds of dollars on international calls every month thanks to our phone cards which they use calling from their home phones rather than dialing direct. A phone call from a hotel can cost you 10-20 times less with a prepaid phone card!

» Convenience
You receive phone cards online instantly! Travelers can use international phone cards to call from the US to any country in the world and from a huge list of foreign countries to any other. Our phone card can be used from: home, office, hotel, a public telephone or a cell phone.

» Budget control
Many companies find that phone cards are a convenient and inexpensive way to handle long-distance calls of their traveling employees.

» Anonymity
If you use a phone card for your calls, the called subscriber cannot see your telephone number. The only way to save confidentiality is to make your phone calls with prepaid calling cards.

» A wide range of additional services
Some of our cards have a great number of useful services. For example, the Continental phone card is one of the most versatile cards on the market. It has many handy features: PC-2-Phone, Prepaid VoIP(SIP), WEB-Call, SMS-Call, SMS-Refill, Personal USA Toll Free Number, Prepaid Conferencing Solution, Prepaid Internet and others...

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international phone card Continental
» The Continental phone card is one of the most versatile cards on the market. Along with the highest quality service and low rates for many destinations, it also has many useful features.
* No Connection Fee
* No Maintenance Fee
* Permanent PIN with Refill feature
* PIN Free Access
* Online Call History
* PC-2-Phone
* WEB-Call
* SMS-Refill

international phone card Solaris
» Solaris - traveller's calling card with great international rates. You can call from more than 100 countries to any destination around the World!
* No Maintenance Fee
* Permanent PIN with Refill feature
* PIN Free Access

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